Why Leadingenes?

HR veterans as consultants
Our consultants are all seasoned HR professionals, with extensive real-world experience across a broad range of HR disciplines. Not only do our consultants think strategically to devise innovative solutions in all areas of HR management, they are also instrumental in executing the programs effectively. Our consultants' awareness of cultural differences and their understanding of global trends in the areas of business and HR practices are also unparalleled in the industry.

Total yet customized HR solutions
Leadingenes delivers total solutions for all facets of clients' HR processes, and at the same time we are committed to integrating and customizing solutions that truly address the needs of individual clients. For every assignment, we study our clients' organizational structure, business, and operations in-depth to diagnose their problems and identify their needs, and then we develop solutions that are tailor-made to address those needs, ensuring real business impact.

From design and implementation through to measurement and reinforcement
Unlike other HR consultancy firms, we don't just recommend solutions. Instead, we work with our clients from the design and implementation stages right through to the measurement of the programs, ensuring there are no loose ends. We also help our clients to reinforce the newly launched program within their organizations so as to ensure staff buy-in and commitment.

Knowledge and skills transfer
As well as bringing in the latest, best-in-class HR practices, tools, and methodologies in developing solutions for clients, Leadingenes is keen to take things a step further by passing on our knowledge and skills to our clients. We believe that knowledge and skills transfer is vital to the success of any HR program, as this enables our clients to work independently to maintain the momentum and thus strengthen their organization in the long term.

Experiences with different companies around the world
Since its inception, Leadingenes has grown rapidly, and we have worked with clients in many parts of the world, namely Hong Kong, China, USA, Macau, etc. We have achieved demonstrable success, particularly in China, where we have served leading companies, including state-owned, privately-owned, joint-venture, and multinational firms in a wide variety of industries.