Case Studies

Job Descriptions, Job Title Policy and Job Analysis System for a Multi-national Healthcare Company

This Company is a leading international healthcare company. For more than 100 years, the company has been active in the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of a uniquely broad spectrum of innovative healthcare solutions. The client is the headquarters of its Asia operation and has been expanding very rapidly in recent years, and now has a workforce of around 800 employees.


To cope with its fast expansion, the Company identified a need to review and update all employee s’ job descriptions, in order to provide a clear definition of what was expected of each job holder across the company. Based on the revised job descriptions, the company also sought to develop a new job title policy and a job analysis system.


Leadingenes worked with the Company to conduct a thorough review of all jobs, at every level of the company.

This included:

  • Job Description - Each job holder was invited to write his/her own job description, in a standard format that would help to outline and prioritize his/her accountabilities and any criteria against which performance would be assessed.
  • Job Analysis - We analyzed and evaluated the relative size and importance of all positions, according to an objective and systematic methodology.
  • Job Grade - We developed a structured job grade system using the results of the job analysis.
  • Job Title - We then established a “Job Title Policy” to reflect the internal grades and the nature of every job.


Employees of all levels are now much clearer about what is expected of their roles throughout the Company. The size, value, and relative importance of each position can be measured objectively, and each individual’s contributions to the Company’s success can be evaluated equitably and effectively.

The improved system which sets the foundation for a systematic and objective job analysis system allows the Company to design new positions and recruit new employees, or redeploy existing employees, more objectively, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

The entire project had been carefully planned and strictly implemented, and was eventually completed to the client’s full satisfaction. Throughout the process, Leadingenes consultants demonstrated great communication with different levels of staff and obtained exceptional management support, which were crucial to the project success.

Following this successful implementation of the project in China, the same program has been extended to the Company’s Hong Kong operation subsequently.