Case Studies

Recruitment Skills Enhancement Program for Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd .

Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd. is one of the world's largest integrated international container transportation, logistics and terminal companies. Its mission is ‘to be the best and most innovative international container transport and logistics service provider, providing a vital link to world trade and creating value for our customers, employees, shareholders and partners’. The Company has 4 core values that are central to everything the company does. One of the core values is ‘People, People, People’. As a successful corporation, it understands that its continued success and growth depend upon the skills, dedication and teamwork of its employees.


In order to continue the investment in people and sustain the Company’s success, the Company saw the need to enhance their capabilities of identifying suitable people with reference to their established competencies.

As such, Leadingenes delivered a workshop to brush up the interviewing skills of its recruitment executives and line managers so that participants were able to:

  • design competency-based interview questions
  • apply competency-based behavioral interview techniques to conduct a structured interview
  • eliminate the inclination to evaluate candidates by impression
  • categorize the information gathered from interviews into appropriate competencies
  • evaluate the information gathered from interviews vis-à-vis the Company’s competencies
  • identify the right candidates objectively in accordance with the Company’s competencies

In addition to the workshop, a few recruitment tools and guidelines were also developed to guide the interviewers in finding the right candidates.


Leadingenes met with selected participants to diagnose their level of understanding and application of the competency-based behavioral interview techniques, and to go through the competency model, selected job descriptions and assessment forms in order to customize the workshop content and approach. The training materials and activities/role plays were developed based on our findings.

There were 3 major parts in the workshop:

Part 1 Preparing for an interview
Part 2 Conducting the competency-based interviews
Part 3 The assessment process


"We engaged Leadingenes to run a workshop on competency-based interviewing in Hong Kong for a team of IT recruiters and human resources specialists supporting them. Sarah and Eric have demonstrated utmost professionalism in handling this engagement. We were particularly impressed by the thorough pre-event research they had done to understand our specific requirements and subsequently the engaging approach they both adopted in facilitating the workshop. The level of expertise on the subject both Sarah and Eric brought with them and their rich commercial experience has really contributed greatly to the workshop's success."

Viles Tam
Senior Manager, International Human Resources - People Development
Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd