Case Studies

Teambuilding Activity and New Human Resources Systems for One of the World's Largest Manufacturers of Laminates

This listed company was established in 1988 to produce the laminate for printing circuit board. Currently, it operates more than 30 plants in China with a very aggressive expansion plan rolling full steam ahead.


In support of its expansion plan, a highly-motivated workforce is integral to the Company’s success. The promotion campaign to cultivate a high staff morale was kicked off in 2004 by means of a teambuilding event participated by 350 managers. During the event, staff’s awareness of the Company’s business goals and imperatives was raised significantly. To maintain the team’s momentum and advocate such a high team spirit among all staff, the campaign was immediately followed by a number of changes in the Company’s human resources management infrastructure.


A key highlight among all the initiatives taken was the development of a core competency model that defines a set of behavior indicators for each competency and different staff levels. These behavior indicators were then applied to other HR processes such as staff selection and performance management. Furthermore, a new performance appraisal design was introduced to evaluate staff performance in a more objective and comprehensive way.

Leadingenes also produced a DVD to introduce the new competency model, its development and application. A series of workshops was also provided to key managerial and human resources personnel to enhance their understanding of the development of the competency model, and its application in staff selection and performance appraisal processes.


By doing so, the penetration of the Company’s business principles was accelerated. Staff were also given a clear picture of the job requirements both in the staff selection and performance management processes. With the new core competency model and performance appraisal design, job requirements, execution of human resources processes and competency evaluation were aligned and standardized among all plants in different cities in China.