Case Studies

Organizational Restructuring for a Premier Provider of International Voice and Satellite Services in Asia

This Company is a premier provider of international voice and satellite services via the operation and management of a diverse high-speed network in the region. It is headquartered in Hong Kong, with a significant presence in Australia and substantial businesses across Asia, North America and Europe.


In the face of increasingly keen competition, the Company underwent a large-scale restructuring program to refocus its business, improve staff productivity, enhance customer service, and reduce staff costs. Leadingenes was asked to provide consultancy in designing, monitoring and following up this right-sizing program.


Leadingenes led the project through the following steps:

  • based on the financial forecasts and business plan, proposed and rationalized a new functional structure, staff number, roles and responsibilities, and competency requirements
  • recommended a voluntary separation plan and worked out the staff communication plan
  • designed job scope and accountabilities, conducted job analysis, benchmarked the compensation level internally and externally to maintain internal equity and package competitiveness to retain high-quality people
  • recommended the new job grade and title system
  • facilitated the announcement of new organization structure in collaboration with the HR and Corporate Communication Teams
  • orchestrated the internal staff selection process to support the new organization structure
  • provided staff communication correspondence, announcement and scripts to complete each process of the program
  • provided consultancy in the exit process adopted in different countries
  • oversaw the project implementation according to the timeline approved by the Board

With our communication-centric change management approach, all staff communication sessions were delivered in a professional, legitimate, consistent and timely manner.


The entire program took 2 months to complete as planned. The staff costs had been reduced down to the expected level while retaining the necessary talents/competencies within the Company. Equally important, the Company had successfully achieved a massive reorganization with minimal interruption, emerging better position to meet the challenges of the future.