Case Studies

“No-guess Hiring Workshop” for Sociedada de Lotarias e Apostas Mutuas de Macau, Lda

Sociedada de Lotarias e Apostas Mutuas de Macau, Lda (SLOT) was granted the franchise to offer soccer betting by the Macau Government in 1998 and thus became the first-ever government-franchised company to operate a sports betting business. This was followed by a government-franchise for basketball betting in late 2000.


SLOT believes that to develop and maintain an effective staff selection process would yield solid returns and is therefore instrumental to its long-term business success. Leadingenes was selected to provide a workshop on ‘No-guess Hiring Process’ to help SLOT recruiters assess applicants’ capabilities objectively, make a good start to partner with the successful applicants, and also project a professional company image.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants were expected to:

  • know how to identify the job requirements for vacancies to be filled
  • be aware of the importance of preparation and research prior to recruitment
  • grasp essential interviewing and assessing skills in the staff selection process
  • design and apply assessments pertinent to job requirements


The workshop was designed to cover the following contents:

  • qualities in terms of ability, personality, motivation and potential required for a given job
  • management of objective assessment processes with external validation
  • Focused Interviewing Technique – dig deeper as to what really drives someone’s commitment
  • Behavioral Competency-based Interviewing Technique

It was a highly participative workshop where all participants were given chances to practise their interviewing skills through role plays. The role plays were video-taped, followed by constructive feedback from trainer and thorough discussions among participants on their effectiveness and areas for improvement.


“Our partnership with Leadingenes Ltd started with a competency-based selection skills workshop for our managers. The course was proven to be practical and insightful helping our interviewers to make no-guess decisions. Participants were given a chance to practise the skills with trainer’s immediate constructive feedback. This is a great training course!”

Dominic Kwok
Executive Director