Case Studies

Teambuilding Event for Nokia

As a world leader in mobile communications, Nokia has established itself as the preferred mobile supplier in Hong Kong. Backed by its experience, innovation, user-friendliness and secure solutions, the Company has become the leading supplier of mobile phones, mobile and fixed broadband and IP networks. With a mission to connect people to each other with easy-to-use and innovative products, Nokia firmly believes that only if they could manage both quality and innovation in a balanced way, would they be able to sustain their competitiveness.


Nokia’s APAC R&D Department planned to leverage this year’s annual team meeting to run a teambuilding program with the objectives to raise and align staff’s awareness of the business agenda and issues, create team spirit and synergy, and build staff’s commitment to organizational success. Leadingenes was selected to design and organize an event that could help achieve these objectives.

After the teambuilding event, it was expected that participants would be aware of:

  • the need of a more collaborative, productive and result-focused workforce in the face of the increasing business challenges
  • the need of everyone’s determination, teamwork and premium customer service in order to overcome Nokia’s business issues and thus hit targets
  • their role and influence in achieving optimum business performance for Nokia


The event was kicked start with an ice-breaking activity, and then followed by a speech from the Regional Head and 4 team challenges. After each team challenge, our facilitators led a short debriefing session for each group to help the participants review their experience in the activities, share feelings and summarize learning points. Participants were guided to relate their experiential learning to future behavior, and translate the same into actual influence to the organizational success.


“We are happy to have Leadingenes run the event for our team. We enjoyed all activities involved in th is well-planned programme.“

Alex Yeung
Technical Account Manager
Operator Technical Co-operation
Nokia (H.K.) Ltd.