Case Studies

Teambuilding Event for the US Operation of a Taiwan-based Bank

This Taiwan-based bank has 17 branches coast to coast in California, New Jersey, New York and Washington and is one of the first banks to operate both in the Eastern and Western United States. Over the past 2 years, it has been strengthened through organizational restructuring and business refocus.


In the light of the increasingly stretched business goals, the Bank saw a pressing need to raise and align staff’s awareness of the business challenges, create team synergy, and build staff’s commitment to its business agenda and organizational success. It is believed that only with a passionate and effective workforce who possesses strong drive and determination to achieve excellent team and organizational performance can the Bank reach another new height of business success. Under this circumstance, the Bank decided to organize a staff teambuilding event that can create real organizational impact.


We collected information to understand the prevailing situation within the Bank, in particular to identify problems or barriers for good business performance. Based on the findings, we tailored a series of team challenges designed around a customized ‘teamwork model.’


The event was participated by over 300 staff from senior executives down to junior staff of New York and Los Angeles separately. The event was filled with fun, excitement and actions, and more importantly meaningful debriefing. Participants were very active in the interaction cycle and obviously grasped the learning points from each activity. In other words, they did take away critical messages from each activity so that they could become influential contributors for the bank in the long term.