Case Studies
  1. Core and Functional Competency Models for One of the Largest Banks in Hong Kong
  2. Core and Functional Competency Models and Performance Appraisal System for a Major Airline Company
  3. Job Descriptions, Job Title Policy and Job Analysis System for a Multi-national Healthcare Company
  4. Recruitment Skills Enhancement Program for Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd .
  5. International Mobility Policy for a US-based Electronic Company
  6. Human Resources Audit for a Leading Provider of Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services
  7. Teambuilding Activity and New Human Resources Systems for One of the World's Largest Manufacturers of Laminates
  8. Organizational Restructuring for a Premier Provider of International Voice and Satellite Services in Asia
  9. Fully-integrated Human Resources Project for a State-owned Bank in China
  10. “No-guess Hiring Workshop” for Sociedada de Lotarias e Apostas Mutuas de Macau, Lda
  11. HR Consultancy for a Retail Chain in China
  12. Teambuilding Event for Nokia
  13. Customer Care Program for One of the World’s Leading Logistics Companies
  14. Teambuilding Event for the US Operation of a Taiwan-based Bank