Training Courses
Recruitment | Corporate Culture | Customer Service
Staff Development | Performance Management | Teambuilding

Providing the latest recruitment processes, tools and methodologies that help companies identify and select the right talent in an objective consistent and structured way.
Competency-based Selection


Corporate Culture
Cultivating and reinforcing corporate culture that aligns with companies' long-term business objectives.
Change Management
Building Staff Commitment


Customer Service
Nurturing the customer-first culture and transferring all the skills and techniques required in delivering superior customer services.
Customer Service Excellence
Handling Customer Complaints
Premium Customer Service


Staff Development
Offering a wide range of training solutions to help companies equip their staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead a successful working and personal life.
The Role of a Supervisor
The Role of an HR Manager
Interpersonal Skills
Leading Effective Meetings
Leading Changes


Performance Management
Offering industry's latest, best performance management practices and tools that enable a complete and objective assessment on staff's capabilities, contributions and potentials.
Coaching for Performance Development
Career Counseling
Employee Counseling Skills
Termination of Employment
Performance Management & Appraisal


Awakening staff's morale, collaboration and team trust to reinforce and align corporate culture, values, beliefs, business imperatives, etc